Who are PMCV?

About the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) enables, supports and advocates for approximately 4,000 Graduate Nurse Midwifery candidates and 3,000 medical trainees through our accreditation of training environments and our education and training programs. PMCV is the delegated authority responsible for administering the Graduate Nurse and Midwifery Program Match. 


Delivering streamline recruitment solutions for Graduate Nurse Midwifery Program (GNMP)

PMCV’s Workforce Unit is focused primarily on developing and delivering the streamlined recruitment initiative.

This initiative was established in conjunction with the Victorian Department of Health in 1999 as a response to the growing number of graduates progressing through the training system.

The initiative reduces the burden of the annual medical recruitment process for both the Nurse Midwifery graduates and Health Services by supporting and facilitating transparent, streamlined Match process across the state of Victoria.

Together with the Department of Health, our stakeholders, the PMCV Workforce Unit will provide recruitment support for graduate nurses/midwives and continue to improve Workforce planning and policy.

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