How to Apply


Application steps 

Candidates must complete the following steps.


Watch the below video to learn more about the application process:

How to Apply

Match Status 


1. When the Match is openLogin and create an account.                  

2. Click the Apply button on GNMP Match

3. Also, apply to the Health Services you select in your preferences


The following checklists will step you through each stage of the process. You are able to print out the checklists and mark them off, to ensure your application is completed correctly.

  • Visit the GNMP Website for all the Match information.
  • Read the GNMP Match Rules, GNMP handbook and Code of Conduct thoroughly.
  • Take your time to watch the videos and read the documents on the GNMP website.
  • Mark all the key dates in your calendar.


  • You must ask permission from your referees. Referees may not complete the report, unless asked in advance. Ask the referee for all their contact information, they may have a preference of email address etc. Check they won’t be on leave at the time the reports are required.
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae (CV)/resume. This will be part of your Health Service application.
  • Research the Health Services & their programs via the GNMP Health Service Directory within this website.


Australian Trained Temporary Residents only

Your application will not be valid if you don’t apply to both PMCV and the Health Services in your preference list.

  • Visit the GNMP website
  • Watch the video to learn how to apply through the Applicant Portal (APS).
  • Read the Code of Conduct and Match Rules.
  • Have any relevant documents ready to complete the application.


When the Match opens

  • Apply early! Ensure your application is submitted as soon as possible so your referees have time to submit their reports. Do not wait till the last week, all applications must be in before Friday 21 June.
  • Go to the GNMP website
  • Click create an account. (Do not do this through PMCV’s website).
  • Login 
  • Click the Apply button on the GNMP Match.
  • Complete the declaration, check the Match is right for you and complete steps 1 to 6.
  • Review your preferences are correct for your qualifications.
  • When entering your referee details, ensure it is the details the referee themselves provided.  You must double check for accuracy both with the referees and as you enter the information. Incorrect entries may result in reports not being completed which may affect your application.


Apply to each Health Service, you have included in your preferences.

  • Check the Health Service website to ensure you understand their selection criteria.
  • Send the Health Service your cover letter, CV/resume and any other information they have requested.
  • Continue to monitor your applicant portal to ensure your referees have submitted their reports. 
  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure these reports are submitted by the due date before the Match closes.
Video Interview 
  • Ensure you block out time to undertake the video between 10am Monday 1 July through until 5pm Thursday 4 July.
  • Ensure you have availability during the Video interview period to undertake the interview. 
  • Double check all equipment is working well in advance.
  • Enable “pop-ups” on your device.
  • Dress professionally, 
  • Use a laptop rather than a phone and check what’s in your background. 
  • Ensure you complete all the questions in the video. Even if you struggle with a question, take a break/deep breath and continue, you will show resilience by answering all the questions.
Health Service Interview
  • Prepare for Health Service interviews by ensuring you have sent or take along any documentation they have requested. Examples of evidence Health Services may require, check their website/s for their requirements:
    • Working with Children check
    • Photo for identification
    • Placement Assessment reports – last two placements
    • Medicare Immunisation Certificate – ensure you check your compliance requirements including COVID 19 vaccinations.
  • Dress professionally, arrive in plenty of time.
  • Following Health Services interviews candidates are able to amend their preferences until 5pm on Friday 23 August 2024. You may change the order of their preference or delete your preferences, but you cannot add new preferences.

Accept the position by specified time/date.

  • Accept the positions by 10am on Friday 6 September.
  • Should your circumstances have changed, you must speak to your allocated Health Service prior to declining a position.
  • Respond in a timely manner to correspondence from the Health Service to assist with the onboarding process.
  • Candidates that were unmatched are able to apply directly to Health Services who have vacancies from Monday 9 September 2024.
  • Health Services would be in breach of the Code of Conduct to accept or assess applications prior to this date.
  • The Health Service Directory will show all remaining vacancies and provide current application contact information.