Must Read

2024 Essential Reading

The following documents are important for you to read to understand the matching process and your responsibilities by participating.

2024 Candidate Handbook

Complete guide to how the Match process works, with tips to help your application.

2024 GNMP Match Rules

The Match Rules details the Match process and your responsibilities.

Code of Conduct

Candidates must read this document and sign that they agree to abide by them.

English Language Skills
Registration Standard

Nursing and Midwifery Board AHPRA

Victorian Border Community List

Interstate towns whose residents
eligible for the Match

Nursing and midwifery
new graduate guide

Department of Health document to assist new graduates


FAQ Category

If you are completing your course between January and June 2025 you may apply in 2024 but only for mid-year positions in 2025. If you are unsuccessful then you can apply again in the 2025 match for 2026 commencement positions.

The Health Services listed in your preferences in your application will have access to the referee reports to use as part of their assessment process. While PMCV collect the reports and can view them if requested, PMCV do not read or assess the reports.

Reports can be viewed and downloaded from your application after the close date for referee report submission.

No, it Is not mandatory to preference four Health Services. However, preferencing the maximum number of Health Services increases the chances of receiving an allocation.

Candidates should only preference Health Services that they are fully prepared to work at.

Reducing employment hours is at the discretion of the individual Health Service.

Requests to change working hours should be directed to the Health Service you are employed by.

Ensure the email address you have entered in the ‘Nominate Referees’ section of your application is accurate.

Before the referee submission deadline, contact PMCV at with your details and your referees details. PMCV will attempt to resend the reference form to your referee manually.

An alternative email address may be required as some organisations block emails from external sources.

All referee details, except for email address, can be edited by the candidate before the referee submission deadline in the ‘Nominate Referees’ section of their application.

If you need to update you referees email address, contact PMCV at with your details and your referees details.

It is important to ensure that you ask permission before you nominate a referee to ensure they are willing to complete a reference for you and they will be able to complete the reference in the required time frame.

However, where a referee has not already submitted the reference form, it is possible to request PMCV to remove the details of a nominated referee from your application and allow you to nominate a new referee if the request is made before the referee submission deadline. Contact PMCV at for support with this.

You should ensure that you are giving the nominated referee sufficient time to complete the referee form.

This is at the discretion of the Health Service you have been allocated to. Please contact the Health Service you have been allocated to and request your options.

NOTE: If you chose not to apply for a graduate year for commencement after completing your studies then you would be ineligible to participate in our match process for subsequent year’s allocation.

PMCV can remove a completed reference from your application once approval has been received from the referee.