Department of Health

The Department of Health was established to help Victorians stay safe and healthy and deliver a world-class health system that leads to better health outcomes for all Victorians.

Victoria's health workforce is critical to the overall success of the state's health system. The department values the contributions made by all health professionals to shape Victoria's healthcare system.

Australian College of Nursing

Our mission is to ensure Australian nurses have access to educational, research, advocacy and leadership opportunities that will keep them highly skilled and at the cutting edge of health care delivery. We are here to support nurses by acknowledging a nurse’s education is an integral part of their lifelong learning.

We support Australian nurses and the profession in achieving the highest level of nursing excellence through the raising of funds from corporations, individuals and private Trusts and Foundations. We’re here for nurses.

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

As Australia’s largest union and professional nursing and midwifery organisation, we use our collective voice to fight for the professional, industrial and political rights of our members. Together we empower nurses, midwives and carers to advance their career and improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia

The functions of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia include:
  • registering nursing and midwifery practitioners and students
  • developing standards, codes and guidelines for the nursing and midwifery profession
  • handling notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings
  • assessing overseas trained practitioners who wish to practise in Australia, and
  • approving accreditation standards and accredited courses of study.