PMCV Video Interviews

PMCV candidates are required to complete a PMCV Video Interview. Failure to do so will impact on your chance of being allocated.

The PMCV video interview you complete, will be available for viewing by all the Health Services in your preference list.

You do not need to undertake a separate PMCV video interview for each Health Service. Your responses won’t need to address Health Service values for example, during this process.

Health Services may also conduct an interview, this maybe in person or virtual. Check Health Service websites for their specific information.

PMCV Video Interview Tips

Find out more information about the GNMP Video Interview

PMCV Video Interview FAQs

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Video Interview – Instructional Video
(this is not specific to the GNMP Match)

Health Service Interviews

Health Services may conduct their own interview process subsequent to the PMCV Video Interviews

Health Services who conduct interviews may undertake these as face to face, virtual interviews, or in a group format. Where available the Health Service Directory will provide an overview of the proposed interview process for each Health Service

Not all Health Services conduct additional interviews, so don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard from all your preferences.