Key Dates

Key Dates


GNMP First Round Match Activities

Saturday 1 April

Australian College of Nursing Careers Expo

Friday 19 May

ANMF Undergraduate Student Nurse / Midwife Study Day

Monday 5 June


Match Applications Open

1. Create an account on the PMCV website

2. Apply for the GNMP Match via GNMP website’s link to Allocation & Placement Service (APS).

3. Preference Health Services – Enter a maximum of four preferences

4. Nominate Referees – Nominate two referees. Please check with the referees first, to ensure they are willing and available to provide a reference. Confirm their contact details.

5. Health Service Direct Applications – You must also apply directly to the health services you nominated in your preference list. Contact details in Health Service Directory.

Victorian distance education candidates only – upload additional information.

Friday 7 July


(Extensions will not be available)

Match Closes for Candidates

1. Apply to participate in the GNMP Match

2. Submit health service preferences NOTE: New preferences cannot be added after this date.

3. Nominate referees

4. Apply directly to Health Services on your preference list

5. Upload Distance Education Supporting Documentation

Friday 14 July


Reference Submission Final Date

• Final date for referees to submit referee reports (no extension)

Monday 10 –

Friday 14 July

PMCV Applications Verification

• PMCV to finalise all applications and candidate approvals into the Match

Monday 17, 10am – Thursday 20 July, 5pm

Online Video Interviews

• Approved candidates are required to record video interview responses.

Video interviews are used for assessment by Health Services. If you do not record an interview during the specified time, it may impact on your chances of being made an offer.

Thursday 20 – Friday 21 July

PMCV confirmation of interviews

Monday 24 July – Wednesday 13 September

Health Services’ Selection Process

• Health services have access to their list of candidates including referee reports and video interview recordings (Note: Candidates’ preference order is not disclosed to health services).

• Health services conduct their selection process / additional Interviews.

Wednesday 13 September


Preference Reordering / Withdrawing

• Final date for candidates to re-order or delete existing preferences.

Note: New preferences cannot be added.

• Final date for candidates to withdraw from the Match

Thursday 14 – Friday 22 September

Health Service Rankings Submission & Confirmation of Positions

• Health Services submit their candidate rankings

• Health Services confirm final number of graduate places available for matching

Monday 25 – Friday 29 September

Allocation and Placement Process

• Allocation and Placement algorithm run to match candidates to health services

Monday 2 October 10am

Match Results Published

• Candidates receive an email of their match outcome. Results can also be view via log in to the Allocation & Placement Service (APS).

From Monday 2 October

10am until Wednesday 4 October

Acceptance Period

• Candidates to log into the APS to accept their allocation, so Health Services can commence onboarding from Wednesday 4 October.

From Wednesday 4 October – 6 October

Round 2 Match

• Unmatched candidates will be moved into Round 2 of the Match, see Round 2 Key Dates for further details.


GNMP Second Round Match Activities

Monday 2 October

Round 1 Results Published

• Match results at 10am

• Unmatched candidates are emailed the details of health services with unmatched places.

• Candidates must accept their allocation by logging into the APS before 10am Wednesday 4 October.

Monday 2 – Tuesday 

3 October

PMCV Admin 

• PMCV complete the transfer of unmatched candidate & health service 

information to the Round 2 Match. This includes unmatched candidates’ 

referee reports & video interviews.

• Candidates will receive two emails, one indicating withdrawal from Round 

1 Match, the second email confirming their registration has successfully 

transferred to Round 2.

• Candidates’ Round 2 health service preferences will be blank.

Wednesday 4, 10am –

Friday 6 October 5pm

Round 2 Opens – Candidates Add preferences or can withdraw

• Candidates acceptance period closes

• Candidates must enter desired health service preferences from those still available on the Health Service Directory.

• Candidates should send their applications to their Health Services preferences, if they did not apply in Round 1. Review the Health Services website to know what is required as part of the application. If you have already applied to a Health Service and have put them in your preferences again, there is no need to re-apply.

• Candidates that did not attempt a PMCV video interview in Round 1 will be invited to do so between 10am Wednesday 4 October and 5pm Friday 6 October. An email will be sent to these candidates only on Wednesday 4 October.

• Candidates can withdraw and therefore not be considered for a graduate place e.g., if they have failed a subject or have deferred placements 

Friday 6 October, 


Match closes for candidates to preference & apply to Health Services

• Final day for candidates to add health service preferences. 

•Final day to apply to Health Services (new preferences only)

NOTE: Candidates failing to enter any preferences by this date will not be included in the Round 2 Match.

Monday 8 –

Thursday 12 


PMCV Admin 

• Finalise candidate approvals into the Round 2 match

• Eligibility confirmation

Friday 13 – Friday 20 


Health Services’ Selection Process

• Health services assess new and existing direct applications on their candidate list.

Monday 23 – Tuesday 

24 October, 5pm

Health Service Rankings Submission & Confirmation of Positions

• Health Services enter candidate rankings and confirm final number of places on offer for the Round 2 Match.

Wednesday 25 –

Thursday 26 October

Allocation and Placement Process

• PMCV run the matching algorithm for unmatched positions & candidates

Friday 27 October


Round 2 Match Results Published

• Candidates receive an email of the Round 2 Match outcome and / or can 

log in to see their result.

NB: Candidates who decline their Round 2 matched offer are NOT eligible to apply for other positions with any other health service


Late Vacancy Management Process

Wednesday 1 November

10:00 am

to 5pm Friday 3 November

Late Vacancy Management Process for PMCV candidates opens:

PMCV candidates must:

• Add preferences OR withdraw from the Match.

• Candidates review available health services in the Health Service Directory on the GNMP website.

• Candidates enter health service preferences into their APS portfolio. Only preference Health Services where you would be prepared to work.

• Candidates who declined their Match allocation in Round 1 or Round 2 cannot participate in this process., nor can candidates hoping to change allocations. Health Services will be advised of all allocated candidates, with the understanding they cannot interact with these candidates.

• Candidates can withdraw and therefore not be considered for a graduate place e.g., if they have failed a subject or have deferred placements

Wednesday 1 November

10:00 am

to 5pm Friday 3 November

Apply direct to Health Services

ALL PMCV & NON-PMCV candidates to apply direct to Health Services

• PMCV candidates only need to submit applications to Health Services they have not applied to previously.

• Non-PMCV candidates can apply direct to Health Services.

Friday 3 November by 5pm

Final day

• Final day for PMCV candidates to add health service preferences.

• Final day for PMCV candidates to send applications to new Health Services needs to have been submitted.

• Final day for non-PMCV candidates to send applications to Health Services.

NOTE: PMCV Candidates failing to enter any preferences by this date will not be included in the Late Vacancy Management round.

Monday 6 November – Tuesday 7 November

PMCV Administration

• Finalise candidate approvals in the Late Vacancy Management process.

• Check candidates have added their preferences, if not the candidate will be withdrawn by PMCV

10am Wednesday 8 November- ongoing

Health Services’ Selection Process

• Health services will have access to PMCV candidate information in the APS.

• Health Services can receive new direct applications from non-PMCV candidates and new PMCV candidates.

• Health Services to contact candidates if more information is required.

Offers from Health Services

• Health Services may make direct offers to both PMCV and non-PMCV candidates (the algorithm will not be run).

• A written response by both PMCV and non-PMCV candidates to Health Services to accept the offer is a mandatory requirement. The offer will not be binding without written confirmation (email is sufficient). Acceptance of offers should be in writing from all candidates (PMCV and non-PMCV) to provide clarity when offers were made.

• Health Services must forward this email from PMCV candidates to PMCV. The names are required to ensure they are not candidates from the Matched candidates list.

• Notification of the names and numbers of non-PMCV candidates accepting offers is also required from the Health Services. PMCV need this information to update the vacancy numbers in the Health Service Directory. The names are also required to ensure these candidates are not on the Matched candidates list.

• Only on receipt of the written offer will PMCV remove the PMCV candidate, ensuring no other offers can be made. These candidates will be “withdrawn” from the Late Vacancy Management in APS.

Round 1 Key dates

Round 2 Key Dates

Late Vacancy Management Key Dates