Key Dates

Key Dates


GNMP Match Activities

Monday 27 May


Match Applications Open

  • Go to the GNMP Website (
  • Click login – then Candidate Login
  • Create an account, then login to be taken to the Applicant Portal (APS).
  • Click Apply to the GNMP Match


Health Service Direct Applications open

You must also apply directly to the health services you nominated in your preference list only. Contact details are in Health Service Directory. Health Services will need your cover letter, CV/resume and any other documents they specify on their website.

Both steps must be completed for a valid application. For full details of the application process, refer to the GNMP website.

Friday 21 June


Match Applications Close

This is the final day to:

  • Apply to participate in the GNMP Match.
  • enter your health service preferences. New preferences cannot be added after this date.
  • Nominate referees.
  • Apply directly to Health Services on your preference list.

Monday 24

to Friday 28 June

PMCV Admin – Application Verification

• PMCV to verify and approve candidate applications into the Match

Monday 1 July, 10am

to Thursday 4 July, 5pm

Online Video Interviews

• Approved candidates must record video interview responses to all questions.

Video interviews are reviewed for assessment by Health Services. If you do not record an interview during the specified time, it may impact on your chances of being allocated.

Friday 5 July


Reference Submission Final Date

• Final date for referees to submit referee reports

Friday 5 July

PMCV Admin – Confirmation of interviews

Monday 8 July

to Friday 23 August

Health Services’ Selection and Assessment Period

• Health services have access to their list of candidates including referee reports and video interview recordings

• Health services conduct their selection process/or may conduct additional Interviews.

Friday 23 August


Final date to reorder preferences or withdraw from the Match

• Final date for candidates to re-order or delete existing preferences. New preferences cannot be added.

• Final date for candidates to withdraw from the Match if they have a private/interstate offer. Remaining in the Match after this date will mean the allocation is binding.

Monday 26

to Friday 30 August


Health Service Rankings Submission & Confirmation of Positions

• Health Services submit their candidate rankings

• Health Services confirm final number of graduate places available for matching

Monday 2

to Tuesday 3 September

Allocation and Placement Process

• Allocation and Placement algorithm run to match candidates to health services

Wednesday 4 September

from 10am

Match Results Published

• Candidates receive an email of their match outcome. Results can also be view via log in to the Applicant Portal (APS).

Wednesday 4 September 10am

until Friday 6 September 10am

Acceptance Period

• Candidates to log into the Applicant Portal (APS) to accept their allocation, so Health Services can commence onboarding.

Monday 9 September 10am

Late Vacancy – Direct Applications

• Unmatched candidates or ineligible RN/RM’s can now apply directly to Health Services with vacancies.

Details will be in the Health Service Directory.

Unmatched PMCV candidates, ineligible RN/RM candidates and those who did not apply to the PMCV Match, can apply directly to Health Services with remaining vacancies from Monday 9 September 2024.

Health Services cannot under the Code of Conduct accept or assess applications prior to Monday 9 September.

Please review the Health Service Directory to find the Health Services who have vacancies and the current contact information.