Your Match Checklist


Note: Please ensure you expand all sections you would like to print, before clicking the Print button


The following checklists will step you through each stage of the process. You are able to print them to check them off, to ensure your application is completed correctly.

  • Read the GNMP Match handbook thoroughly.
  • Take your time to watch the videos and read the documents, on this GNMP website.
  • Mark all the key dates in your calendar.
  • You must ask permission from your referees. Referees may not complete the report, unless asked in advance. Ask the referee for all their contact information, they may have a preference of email address etc. Check they won’t be on leave at the time the reports are required.
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae (CV)/resume.
  • Research the Health Services & their programs via the GNMP Health Service Directory on this website.
  • Ensure you have the following evidence:
    • Working with Children Check.
    • Photo for identification
    • Placement Assessment reports – last two placements
    • Medicare Immunisation Certificate – ensure you check your compliance requirements including COVID 19 vaccinations.


Australian Trained Temporary Residents only


Distance Education candidates only

  •  Request a letter from your university stating you are enrolled via Distance Education with your Victorian address included. If the university letter does not contain your current address you must provide separate documentation to prove a Victorian address
  • Visit the GNMP website
  • Watch the video to learn how to apply through the Applicant Portal (APS).
  • Click create a PMCV account. (Do not do this through the PMCV website).
  • Read the Code of Conduct and Match Rules before signing the declaration.
  • Have your documents available to complete the application.


When the Match opens

  • Log in and click the Apply button.
  • Complete all the required steps.
  • When entering your referee details, ensure it is the details the referee themselves provided. You must double check for accuracy both with the referees and as you enter the information. Incorrect entries may result in reports not being completed.
  • Ensure your application is submitted well before the close date of XXXX so your referees have time to submit their reports. Do not wait till the last week.
  • Review your preferences are correct for your qualifications.


Apply to each Health Service, you have included in your preferences.

  • Check the Health Service website to ensure you understand their selection criteria.
  • Send the Health Service your cover letter, CV or Resume and any other information they have requested.
Before the Match closes
  • Continue to monitor your referees to ensure they have submitted their reports. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure these reports are submitted by the due date.
Video Interview 
  • Ensure you have availability during the Video interview period to undertake the interview. 
  • Double check all equipment is working well in advance.
  • Dress professionally, use a laptop instead of your phone and ensure you complete all the questions in the video.
Health Service Interview
  • Prepare for Health Service interviews, ensure you have sent or take along any documentation they have requested.
  • Following Health Services interviews candidates are able to amend their preferences until the date specified in the Key Dates document. You may change the order of their preference or delete your preferences, but you cannot add new preferences.

Accept the position by XXXX

  • Respond to correspondence from the Health Service who will commence the onboarding processes.
  • If you were unmatched, your application will progress automatically into the Round 2 Match process. If you do not wish to participate in the Round 2 Match, you must withdraw via the Applicant portal.,
  • If you fail to add your preferences by the specified date, you application will be withdrawn from the Match.