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Health Service Assessment Period

• Health services have access to their list of candidates including referee reports and video interview recordings (Note: Candidates’ preference order is not disclosed to health services). • Health services […]

Reorder preferences/withdraw

Final date for candidates to re-order or delete existing preferences. Note: New preferences cannot be added. Final date for candidates to withdraw from the Match

Health Service Ranking Period

FOR HEALTH SERVICES ONLY Health Services submit their candidate rankings. Health Services confirm final number of graduate places available for matching

Results published (from 10am)

Candidates receive an email of their match outcome. Results can also be viewed via log in to the Applicant Portal (APS).

Acceptance Period

Candidates who were allocated to a health service must respond in the APS to confirm their acceptance of the allocated position, so Heatlh Services can start their onboarding process.

Late Vacancy stage (10am)

The following candidates may now apply to unmatched positions for health services listed in the GNMP website health service directory. Unmatched candidates Ineligible candidates Interstate/NZ candidates who did not provide […]